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‘SitePAD: the first true CAD app for iPhone + iPad’ – ArchiCAD Monkey
In a couple of past articles I’ve talked about the different options offered for CAD on iPhone and iPad, and how nothing has really impressed anyone yet - bringing great frustration to many design professionals. We’ve transitioned from desktop to laptop quite quickly in the past few years, and now we’ve been aching for someone to create a useful app on the go. The existing apps are either too simplistic or just vector-based drawing systems - which give the impression of an architectural drawing - without any practical use other than creating an image of say a floorplan, which later must be traced over - most times inaccurately - in a proper CAD application to become useful.

So the other day I was very pleased to come by a
website which lead me to a very promising iPhone app, called SitePAD. I was even more surprised to find out that one of the creators of the app - Timothy Barnard - was actually a coursemate of mine from Manchester School of Architecture. I had a chance to chat with him over a drink, and it seems Tim and his brother Paul have formed “Fresh Design Base Ltd” and together set out to create the first truly workable app for drawing and viewing CAD files on the iPhone, thus the appropriately named : Pocket Aided Design (PAD). Read More...